Homes of Amieira

Relax in the calmness
of the Alentejo region

Calm, a state of mind, a way of life, turned into reality by staying in the countryside, near a wonderful lakeside marina, with the flavors of the best regional cuisine.

The word “amieira” in Portuguese means “common tree usually found among wet soils”. It is the European alder tree and it could be the origin of the name of this village. The proximity to several streams, including the one that runs through this village, and especially the Degebe river that runs through the local county, has made the soils abundant in water and rich in vegetation, including lots of alder trees. This natural designation could have thus been used to name the land, along with a more sacred name given to the parish: Our Lady of the Snows of Amieira. It is not really known when the village was founded, although in a local registry there are references to an “Amieira de Maura”, in the year 1263 when lands under the town charter of Portel were given to Dom João Peres de Aboim by settlers in Amieira de Moura.


Homes of Amieira

House Origem

Just 300m from the Fluvial Amieira beach, "Origem" house is a open space with a mezzanine and a nice small outdoor

Homes of Amieira

House Carpa & Branco

CALMA Casa Carpa & Branco is located in Amieira and offers an outdoor swimming pool.

Homes of Amieira

House Terracota

A home with 2 bedrooms separated by a 20-square-meter outdoor courtyard that invites guests to relax

Homes of Amieira

House Bedelho

A one-bedroom home with a big soul, located in the most charming square in the village


Homes of Amieira